The beauties of Corfu


Spianada Old Town, Corfu

Spianada Square, the biggest, greenest and most majestic square in Greece. It was originally created as vacant area between the city and the castle always prepared to allow military activities any time. Today Spianada is a beautiful open park with trees, benches, a band stand, paths, monuments and a cricket field.


Old Town, Corfu

The Liston is a building constructed in 1807 and designed by the French engineer Lesseps during the period of French rule. It is said that its name was derived from the Venetian word “Lista” with two meanings, first is a long and wide road for walks and the second a bench of wood with inscribed catalogues. Now the Liston building hosts a wide range of coffee shops and restaurants and is of the busiest passings of locals and tourists.

Old Fortress

Old Town, Corfu

The old fortress was built in Corfu town in order to protect the island from sea invasions after the old town (previously located in Kanoni area) was destroyed by invaders. After the fortress was build it successfully repulsed three Ottoman sieges during the 15th and 17th century. Inside the fortress you’ll meet the Doric temple of Saint George (1840) that was built by the English and 20 years later was transformed into a catholic church, a prison built in 1786 from the Venetians, a military church and an ancient military hospital that is now transformed into a music school.

Mon Repos Palace

Kanoni, Corfu

Mon Repo is situated in Kanoni, the area where archaeologists believe that the ancient city of Corfu used to be. The Palace was built in 1826 by a British Commissioner, Adams Frederic as a gift to his Corfiot wife Nina Palatianou until the palace later was given as a gift to king George of Greece after it became the summer residence of the British governors and the Ionian Islands were finally united to Greece in 1864. Mon Repo palace is now a beautiful museum owned by the Municipality of Corfu that holds many Ionian treasures for you to see. The endless green paths of the palace are unique and worth walking through, catching a breath under the cool shades of its old giant trees.

Achilleion Palace

Achillion, Achilleio, Corfu | 26610 56210

Achilleion palace, located on a hill in Gastouri area of Corfu was built by the Empress of Austria Elisabeth (Sisi) of Bavaria as a summer palace in 1890. The design of the palace was inspired by the ancient Phaecian architecture and abounds with statues and paintings of Achilles representing heroic scenes of the Troyan war. The Achilleion palace covers an area of around 200.000 m2 with a panoramic view of the north Corfu city. Its centerpiece is the sculpture of dying Achilles, created by a famous German sculptor in 1884.

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